Amazing American Themed Decoration

Americans love to express their patriotism in many ways and American themed decoration is one of the most popular ways. Decorating a house with American pattern is almost like a routine for every Americans in every 4th July. That way, when 4th July comes, red, blue and white colors as the signature of American flag quickly become everywhere in the house. Stars and stripes pattern also invades every American’s house, used on the banners, flag or poster.

If you want to decorate your house with American pattern, one thing you need to remember is to keep it simple. The American pattern itself is way crowd with stars and stripes. That way, you need to keep it balance with everything around. Simple American themed decoration would avoid you from an over-decorated room.

To keep it simple, you can try to play safe with combine the plain colors of red, blue and white for your room. You can simply paint the wall with these colors. That way, you can still get the American pattern taste without making the room filled with American themed ornaments too much. You can also simply put American flags poster on the wall to keep it simple and easy. But if you want something more, you can try with American patterned linens for your table or bed sheet.

And who says that American themed décor must be bought? You can even make it yourself. Try to sew red, blue and white sheet on your sofa pillow sheet. Don’t worry if you can’t make it tidy because you can even make it little bit messy to shows the handmade side of it. You can also make your handmade American banners by cutting triangle shaped paper then color it with red, blue and white color for each paper. After that, just simply hang it with string on your window. Voila! Your DIY American themed decoration is ready to celebrate the Independence Day.

Picture Gallery of the Amazing American Themed Decoration

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