Amazing Attic Apartment Design from Stockholm with Sloping Roof

Having an attic apartment design is not as easy as you think. Sometimes, the shape of your roof apartment is just not so easily to deal with, with some steep side and corner which can’t be decorated with ordinary design. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice dwelling in an attic apartment—you only need to know what to do. Just like this amazing attic apartment in Stockholm, with unique steep sloping roof that affect its interior decoration plan.

The interior shows a cozy atmosphere in its large and spacious wooden floor. This attic studio apartment design is also full of modern furniture in every corner, sophisticated to create a simple and easy-flowing living space in its interior. The space is well divided with some low furniture into different space and function, such as the living room, dining room, and working nook. It is still perfected with the unique sloping ceiling that was once become a drawback, but the designer cleverly turn it into an interesting benefit for the house design.

The recessed lighting from the windows falls perfectly to the white wall as the background. The pattern on the ceiling gives a unique shadow to the wall, which create a rich volume into the interior. The living area is simply captivating with a white daybed, unique purple settees next to the radiator, and other white furniture. The dining room, which located just next to it, is also beautiful with wooden dining table and white dining chair. At the end of the elongated corridor, a mini library and small reading nook invites everyone to take a seat and relax for a while.

Even though small, this beautiful home is simply captivating with the clever decoration thanks to the designer’s creativity. The interior is just rich, full of surprise, and enough to make every movement between the rooms easily flow. At the end, this attic apartment design ideas is a perfect solution for those who want to have a cozy attic apartment in their home.

Picture Gallery of the Amazing Attic Apartment Design from Stockholm with Sloping Roof

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