Amazing Cookie Decorating Art; Delicious Combination of Art Sense and Cookie

Having this cookie decorating skill contributes something different for Natasha Tasic, a cookie designer of Delissshhh. Her ability of decorating cookies is admirably fascinating, as you can see details in her passionate work. She has been spent her time a lot in kitchen to bake cookies, prepare icing, and hone her skill for cookie decoration, and as you can see on these pictures, her work turned out to be great, we feel sorry to eat those cute cookies. This gifted baker sure knows how to spend her time in kitchen.

If you look clearly to her cookies, you will understand as adult, this artwork is not only an art of cookie decorating for kids. Magnificent details, cute cookie design, and sure delicious taste are her specialty; you’ll be impressed in no time when you see her work. Her painting on cookies of henna and lace design, is remarkably details, we’re amazed, on other hand, her painting and decoration for kids, such as cartoon character, animal, icon, even bikini (he he…) are beautiful artwork with nice icing color and details.

If you look at her black and white cookies, you may mistake it as pen and paper drawing on your cookies. Different cookies painting and decoration make her famous, as she is innovative and creative; put her unusual talent into a good and delicious artwork.

Just look at her cookie design, it is full with her passion of cookies and decoration. That magnificent talent makes her famous, at least for her nearest and dearest, it is a pity to eat those cookies. Well, if you look at your gorgeous meal, you may have a feeling of guilty when you eat them up… and this feeling is strong when you want to eat these cookies. Originally she learns on cookies decorating from blogs discussing about same topic, and wanted to learn directly to the owner. Her passionate brought her a sweet result.

Check her artwork, and we are pretty sure, you want some. For Christmas cookie decorating ideas, you may gain new refreshing reference, or simply you may contact her.

Picture Gallery of the Amazing Cookie Decorating Art; Delicious Combination of Art Sense and Cookie

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