Amazing Japanese House in Kashiwa, Japan

Japanese architecture is always fun to watch, like this contemporary Japanese house. Designed by Takuro Yamamoto Architects, this house had a unique traits which is it has square hole in the center of the house. Is not that fascinating and unique enough? But the hole can be covered by flat glass roof. This house is located in Kashiwa, Japan. As the most crowded country in the world where land is very expensive, this house actually had large land used by it.

The house itself called “F-White”, which is a one floor residential place for single family. It has adequate courtyard on the outside. The original function of this house is a parking lot. Old building or abandoned area often transformed into a residential building. This Japanese house interior has wooden flooring from plywood, and walls from cements which is painted with white color. Not only on the interior, are the exterior wall also painted with white color.

This house with its white color creates a contrast in an already bright neighborhood. Japanese always fond of white color, that they often paint their building with it. Wooden house usually not painted. Since it is a former parking lot, it has several solid structures that cannot be replaced such as the pillars.

This is where the architect skill comes in handy. It manages to create spacious comfortable interior atmosphere where rooms are separated accordingly. Room arrangement is important to create a spacious environment in an already static building.

While it is hard to create a living environment in a parking lot area, the architect manage to overcome this by combining the use of wooden floor and white wall. Just like any other contemporary house, this Japanese house design will provide great living experience to its occupants.

Picture Gallery of the Amazing Japanese House in Kashiwa, Japan


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