Amazing Luxury-looked Bookshelf in Contemporary House

Many people especially artists like to make something by themselves, such as artistic wall-painting and kind of luxury-looked bookshelf. This DIY artwork has made to decorate people’s houses because they want a uniqueness at their room. By assembling their DIY artwork, people will also get such a satisfaction feeling. Moreover, they can change their old-designed furniture with some of this DIY artworks. Thus, this ideas becomes a trend among artist even common people around the world.

As seen in these pictures, the luxury-looked bookshelf for furniture is made from some unused materials, such as pipes, drums, boards, etc. This bookshelf has an eye-catching color since the combination of white color and black color makes a contrast and glamorous shading on it. In the middle of its drums, there is a boards that is used to separate the drums into two parts of shelf. There are two folding drums that are installed along its pipes.

This bookshelf can be placed both in landscape or portrait model, it depends on your interest. By assembling this bookshelf as a room furniture, a room will be looked more artful. Some stuffs are also be able to put here, such as of course books, pillows, sculptures, bottle of wines, etc. That stuffs will make your room become more enchanting than before. Usually, this bookshelf is put at the living room. But, sometimes it may be used to separate two different rooms.

This modern design is brought to you now. An amazing bookshelf that is able to be made at home. All materials that are needed for making this amazing bookshelf is also easy to get. Perhaps, you have a little time to create your own bookshelf so that your room will be looked very amazing as same as with this luxury-looked bookshelf for furniture ideas.

Picture Gallery of the Amazing Luxury-looked Bookshelf in Contemporary House


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