Applicable Interior Design for Two Levels House

Nowadays, contemporary interior design is often chosen by many people since this interior design has many great features that attract many people to use it. Some people assume that contemporary house design is very suitable for any shape of house. For this reason, they become interested in applying contemporary design for their house. A house that is located in Barnechea, Chile becomes a house that has beautiful contemporary interior design. This house uses an interior design for two levels house that is created by Arquitectos Asociados. This house is located on the dry and hot place that makes this house like an oase that is located in the middle of desert.

Wooden material is chosen to cover the exterior part of this house. This house has unique shape that make the house owner decides to pick contemporary house design for his or her house. In addition to the wooden material, there is also another material that is used to create some parts on the outdoor part like stone. Stone is included as one of many materials that is used to create fence for this house. There is a courtyard that is very useful for any people who want have a relaxation spot on their house. The hot weather of Chile can melt people’s boredom.

When we move inside this house, the wooden material still welcomes any people who enter this house. There are some wooden parts inside this house such as floor tile, window, and other part. In addition to the wooden material, the stone also accompany wooden material on some parts like wall. The contemporary interior design that is applied inside this house becomes a great interior design for two level house. For this reason, there is no need to worry anymore since contemporary interior design is very suitable for any type of house.

Picture Gallery of the Applicable Interior Design for Two Levels House

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