Awesome Austrian Village in Chine with Beautiful Environment

If you been in China, you must visit this outstanding Austrian village in China. Standing here, you will feel like in Austria, every detail of this villa has Austrian design on it. Like the exterior of the home, the park, the garden in front of the home, the path, every part in the Austrian villages is beautiful. You can see beautiful Europe flower in the garden, so if you are Asian people and want to feel the atmosphere of Europe, you don’t have to go so far, you just need to visit China and enjoy the environment of Austrian here.

We can see the exterior of this Austrian Village in China dominated in classic looks. Like in common exterior design in Europe. High home contains of two until four stories is common here, even we can’t find one story home here. The color of the exterior home most of them use pastel color or brown, even there is a home still use bricks wall. That bricks and pastel color bring rustic looks in to this area.

Like in Europe where we can find many of cafe in front of the home or in next pathways, this village is also accommodating many of cafes. You don’t have to worry feel starving here, just enjoy the meals in the cafe and enjoy the Europe environment here. There are also many of flower here. Every corner in this village decorated with flower even in front of the windows home you will find flower. Many of flowers really bring fresh air in to this villages and also beautiful environment.

Do you feel interested to create Europe style in your interior design even in exterior home? You can ask your architecture to build one home in Europe style. Like Austrian village copied in china, you can also create your own home with Austrian design want to try?

Picture Gallery of the Awesome Austrian Village in Chine with Beautiful Environment

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