Beautiful Contemporary Design of Romanian Interior; Integrating Textures as Focal Point

If you can see this residence indoor performance adapts Romanian interior as the theme; these pictures here are just a rendering image from result of architecture software.

The project is real though. This beautiful interior can be concluded using eclectic style, an opposite of modernism and minimalism, thus you can see the room is not in a ‘nice and clean’ state, yet expose all of furniture and texture to provide the room with rich accent of combination. This decoration style refers into eclectic theme, a style where you can freely expose anything you want, rather than ‘hide’ it and covered it with ‘neat and tidy state’ of modernism.

This project takes place on Ploiesti, Romania, these proposed images of rendering design is conceptualized by Stoica Mario of Ezzio Design. you can see the designer put pretty much textures on display, from hard to soft textures, combining with other modern furnishing and adequate lighting performance, turn this Romanian interior design to be amazingly eclectic interior offering warm and cozy living place for single family orientation. Eclectic concept within this residence contributes nice display; it’s a nice interior design you will love.

On living room, the designer put modern couches, several of it. Nice atmosphere of cozy living room can be seen here. Adjacent to this living room you can find kitchen area, before you enter it, you should open this fabulous old wood sliding door, and you can see the kitchen concept is modern one. a nice change from eclectic living room.

Other rooms also utilize same concept of eclectic modern interior. You can see the plumbing and pipe within this residence is used as interior object, such as racks and book shelf. This Romanian interior sure is rich with textures of materials and form; it plays a nice eclectic interior for home.

Check these pictures where you can observe it betters. These Romanian interiors maybe one of interior you can adjust it for your home performance.

Picture Gallery of the Beautiful Contemporary Design of Romanian Interior; Integrating Textures as Focal Point

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