Beautiful Natural House Design from the Desert of Sonora, Arizona

Located in the middle of arid Sonora Desert area, this beautiful natural house design is simply astonishing every eye who look at it. Surrounded by the typical desert scenery with saguaro cactuses everywhere, the house is gifted by magnificent scenery to enjoy from every angle all the way to horizon. This house, which was been built on the rocky mountain area, is a good example of natural decoration that you can find in a modern design, as shown in some pictures below.

From the outside, the brown stone wall is simply astonishing and blending well with the desert environment of Arizona. The graded terrain makes the home very attractive in the middle of environment, which then decorated by some succulent plantation and boosts the home’s appeal with popping color from the plant. A beautiful multilevel swimming pool looks very attractive on the front side, which then connected by a stone stair to the beautiful natural house interior design inside.

It seems like the owner really loves the desert environment around his house, shown by many amounts of outdoor seating area and open floor room in the house. A rooftop deck is simply elegant with wicker sofas around the outdoor fireplace, and decorated by several luxurious lighting hidden behind the structure. Another seating area is located under a wooden terrace, right in the middle of large courtyard with lap pool and modern settees. With this design, the owner can easily enjoy the sunset scenery from the house’s surrounding every day in the year.

As we said above, the interior has been developed to deal with desert environment. The open plan design with many floor-to-ceiling windows allows the owner to enjoy the light all the day, while the under ceiling ventilation eases the air circulation and control the interior temperature. Again, the natural element is involved to the interior, with some indoor planters, stone and wood decoration scattered around the interior, which makes this natural house design ideas very perfect to use in your house.

Picture Gallery of the Beautiful Natural House Design from the Desert of Sonora, Arizona

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