Beautiful Reflecting Pool Ideas to Reflect the Beauty of Your Home

If you know Taj Mahal, you will recognize the reflecting pool that becomes the main interest on the yard, the giant mirror that reflects every beautiful corner of the Mumtaz Mahal’s memorial monument to its design. Yes, reflecting pool is a wonderful accent to your yard, giving relaxing scenery in it while releasing the serenity effect to every corner of your home. The reflecting pool starts to adept itself to the modern design, transformed from the classic wide and big pool to be a small complement to the yard—even the small home with lack of backyard can still have it as a decoration to complement the interior design.

The reflecting pool is used in many amazing design, from normal house to the national monument. Apart from the Taj Mahal, the well-known Reflecting Pool DC of Lincoln Memorial, New York can be a good example on how reflecting pool can be a good decoration for your home. From modern to classic design, from super luxurious to minimalist home, the reflecting pool design can simply slip in and reflects the beautifulness of your home. Just like the Mediterranean courtyard from Paradise Restored Landscaping and Exterior Design, the small, rectangular reflecting pool can simply levels up the entire decoration of the classic home, reflects its design and the wonderful dusky sky on its calm, still water.

The reflecting is not like the normal pool, and is not always good to swim. It needs calm, still water to maximize the reflection, and for this reason it usually shallower than the normal pool. A deeper pool also can be a reflecting pool too, but usually it needs more maintenance to keep the water condition in a perfect way. There is one easy trick to make the reflecting effect in simple way: to build the outer rim slightly lower than the central area of the pool, creates a still, less-waved water that perfect for reflection.

The last thing you need to consider is about the size of the reflecting pool. You don’t always need a large reflecting swimming pool to make a good reflection, a small reflecting pool or L-shaped reflecting pool is enough to give a wonderful impression to your home. The size of your reflecting swimming pool depends on which scenery you want to have in it—the silhouette of your villa, the canopy of the trees, or just the blue sky with floating clouds? It also depends on your budget off course; just choose the design with the best reflecting pool price that suit with your pocket, good luck!

Picture Gallery of the Beautiful Reflecting Pool Ideas to Reflect the Beauty of Your Home

Beautiful Reflecting Pool Captures the Silhouette of the Modern House ElegantlyAwesome Lounging Area Next to the Pool Allows You to Take in the SettingStylish Water Feature Mirrors the Contemporary Glass Facade BeautifullyStunning Free form Pool with Negative Edge and a Wooden Bridge Surrounded by Lovely CanopySmall Reflecting Pool Next to the window Complements the Larger Infinity Pool OutsideSensational All Ttile Pool with a Floating Lounging Area Doubles as an Infinity PoolRefreshing Reflecting Pool to Highlight the Special Architectural Features of the HouseModern Glass House with Lake View Seems to Levitate Above the cool Reflecting PoolFabulous Personal Retreat Inside Your Home with Reflecting PoolsBrilliant Lighting and Candles Create a Tranquil Reflecting Pool with an Oriental Touch

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