Beauty Pergola Design to Complete the Perfect House Features

For you who have a large space on the yard should build a pergola design as an extension feature for your home. It’s already known that pergola refers to a garden feature which has pillars with simple roofing on the top. It’s usually used as a sitting area, walk corridor or passageway. Pergola is an alternative house extension that can easily to build. It will replace the gazebo in a minimal design of garden feature.

Here are some of pergola design ideas that might inspire you. The first design comes from Sean Papich Landscape Architectur which carries some Romanian pergola style. It’s poured with a contemporary design with a dominated white color. You can see at the pillars that have those Romanian shapes. With the green color of the plantations, this clarity pergola design will give a calm and chill garden area. The other standard pergola design is this unique pergola architecture with fireplace. Christian Rice Architects succeed in making such a clever idea with putting fireplace at the center of pergola. It’s make a warm area for gathering at the cold night.

If you want more contemporary and unusual pergola architecture, then you should view these several pergolas. The definition of pergola is shifting into a modern house extension. It’s not only a garden feature nowadays. For example, this twisted wooden pergola is very stunning with its brown color. It has a design with leaving the conventional four-pillars. There also a green pergola which use floral plantations as the roof. It just really beautiful and will give a chill situation under the pergola.

Well, no matter what type of pergola that you want to apply, the important thing is you should carefully pick the design that will fit with your area. Ask some exterior designers if you need some help. You can even build the pergola along the porch of the house. Take a look at these pergola design photos for more design inspiration.

Picture Gallery of the Beauty Pergola Design to Complete the Perfect House Features

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