Book Storage under the Stairs

Having large collection of books always makes us think about having the sufficient book storage. We need the storage that can store as many books as possible, especially if we have the great book collection. The cluttered look given by our collection that is not well-organized is the thing we should avoid. It will be nice if we keep all of our collection is the safe and the right place. But what if we only have minimum space in our house?

Think about under stair effective book storage. This storage is built under the staircase is the unique yet effective one. By maximizing the function of the available space, you can get the extra place for your book collection. Wooden materials in the most common construction materials used for this need. Besides of its good utilization, it also has the classy look. The shapes of this storage is various, either is its size.

The storage color can be adjusted by the interior theme color. If the interior has the neutral color such as white or soft color tone, pick the color tone that is neutral, too. It will give the spacious impression of the room. This storage is in the wooden shelves form that is suitable to keep the other things to besides books.

If you want the other design rather than shelves, the cabinet design is the other one. Constructed with the wooden materials, this storage looks like a small closet. The draw shapes or cabinet shapes will keep your book collection safer. Usually this storage design is for the stairs with classic or vintage style. However, the modern stairs can be added with the extra storage like this. Under stair book storage is suitable for the house that applies the minimalist concept and wants to maximize the available space as effective as possible.

Picture Gallery of the Book Storage under the Stairs

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