Bookshelf Plans with Unique Design

Bookshelf plans has become more and more common feature of a house today. This is interesting, looking how it could only be found in a house of bookworms or people who make reading their hobby. With this raise in popularity, it is then obvious that the marketed design of bookshelf becomes rich in variation. One great example of them is a unique minimalist bookshelf that my friend installed for his newly constructed house. The sleek and stylish bookshelf designs, reinforced by the adorable coloring really make it an outstanding detail.

The Design of the Bookshelf Plans

The most central function of a bookshelf is a platform that could store books. While many manufacturers had made their own justifications and modifications to add complementary features to this particular function, the bookshelf plans my friend owns keeps it simple, which is apparent from its minimalist yet unique design. It comes in two thin rows of platforms that are installed to the wall. What keeps the wall bookshelf plans from looking too simple is the contour of the platforms, which is mold to appear contemporary.

Apart from this unique shape design of the bookshelf plans, the coloring also plays a significant role in enhancing its visual quality. The shelf is painted with combination of black and white colors, with black one having more portion than the white color. The thin design makes the bookshelf easy to install at any wall platform. Furthermore, the simple and minimalist visual look ensures that it would not get in the way of interior theme and arrangement if any has been previously established.

The Books on the Bookshelf Plans

The colorful bookshelf display would mean nothing if there is a book to be put there. Fortunately enough, my friend makes reading his casual hobby. For that reason on the bookshelf some light readings and interesting books that are not too serious could be found. My friend classifies these books by the color of their cover and arranges them to occupy the space on the bookshelf accordingly. This further enhances the visual presentation of the bookshelf plans.

Picture Gallery of the Bookshelf Plans with Unique Design

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