Cool Rooms Ideas for Boys with Retro Theme

My friend really spoils his son with cool rooms ideas for boys. Although from the perspective of parenting this may call for a debate, in what form the spoiling actually comes, makes it hardly matter from architectural perspective. A bedroom which his son occupies features a dark colored interior with extensive implementation of retro design. It is indeed the kind of cool kid room designs that all boys would want to stay in.

Cool Rooms Ideas for Boys of Retro Style

The most basic layer of the cool rooms ideas for boys actually comes really simple. The interior layout assigns concrete composition to both the ceiling and the wall, with hardwood flooring for the floor. Such implementation and assigning of composition for interior layout are actually familiar with modern design. However, later additional details turn it into a great retro bedroom design. These additional features come heavily as decorative details, although the smaller portion of it is more functional in nature.

A great example of decorative additional feature for the cool rooms ideas for boys is the wallpaper. One side of the concrete bedroom wall is wholly covered in wallpaper. It is not just ordinary wallpaper, as it is laced with motive of bricks. Another side of wall is also covered in wallpaper, only this time the motive it bears is picture of The Beatles band. Both of these wallpapers are of dark colors to keep up with the interior color scheme.

Other Details Completing the Cool Rooms Ideas for Boys

Obviously, there should be more to the cool ideas for kids rooms that establishes its retro style apart from the wallpapers and dark bedroom color. Here is where the functional furniture plays its role. The bed, which serves as the most central item in the bedroom, comes in cocoon-like design with grey color. This bed is positioned close to a sofa set of cubical design with dark red color. The implementation of these items reinforces the retro look for the cool rooms ideas for boys even further.

Picture Gallery of the Cool Rooms Ideas for Boys with Retro Theme

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