Creative DIY Union Jack for Your British Fever

For people with British fever, DIY Union Jack is something important to have in their home design. One simple effort to make the Union Jack is by painting the cupboard or shelf and make the color of it is a Union Jack. It is perfect with the photo of outstanding former British people, your favorite. An old thick book is great to be put on the cupboard beside the photo. The book is proper since Britain is famous for its literary works. Other old traditional things related to Britain are acceptable to be on the cupboard with the Union Jack door.

The other idea comes in the bedroom. The DIY Union Jack pillow is great to accompany your night. It is also better to have a great Union Jack on your bed, while the pillows are in one theme. The Union Jack will change your bedroom to be all in red and blue. Of course, this is nice for you as the Britain lover. If possible, you can paint the sofas with the Union Jack. Then, the sofas can be everywhere. As a result, you will find your own Britain in every side of your house.

Making the Union Jack as the frame of the mirror is also good idea. This is even easier that painting the sofas. Imagine when you face the mirror and you find that you are in the Britain, in the Union Jack mirror frame.

Painting interiors is not the only one way to have a British theme house. Sewing the fabric and use it to cover sofas of anything else is also effective. The cheerful Union Jack can also be created by making or painting the Union Jack design in other colors which are brighter, such as orange, yellow or even pink. It is also legal to make it all in grey. Designing your house to be British theme is as easier as making DIY Union Jack shirt, as easy as that!

Picture Gallery of the Creative DIY Union Jack for Your British Fever

Striking Upholstered Outdoor Bench Union Jack with Floral VaseStriking Classic Union Jack on Chest of Drawers with Table FanSleek Union Jack Headboard at Modern Bedroom with Stars Ceiling DecorationPink and Yellow Union Jack Cupboard Design with Stacked BooksMonochromatic Gray and White Union Jack Dresser and Alarm Clock

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