Dazzling Box Shaped House Showing Creative Interior

Japan is rather small country compared to others. Therefore, it does not have much space to share among citizens. Japanese till now still use simple and minimalist in house and interior design. All functions are made in compact for giving maximum effect to people. For example, there is this box shaped house which architect is Tetsuo Kondo. Even though it seems it is small size, but flowing interior design used make the house looks more spacious and people can say that this house is well made.

As mentioned before, the main idea of this stylish box shaped house is flowing interior design that has less partition. Therefore, it makes the rooms look more spacious. Just as the name implies, the house is comprised of three boxes in giant size and mainly has metallic steel as dominant materials used for exterior. Glass windows are chosen to let sunlight comes through easily and in massive amount. Thus, homeowner can save energy.

Partition is kept to minimum, and hence shows bigger space. White color is dominating the house so that it looks sleek and much more spacious as well. There are two levels, in which first one is for kitchen, lounge area, and dining room. Lounge zone is decorated by large sofa bed in dark grey fabric, so people can take a rest there comfortably. Behind this area, build indoor garden, which connects to outside space, so it gives fresh look both for home design and people also.

In second level, it is mainly used for creating space for children in form of playing room. Make them safe while playing around, by installing tall partition. Match the partition and choose glass materials and pair with steel handrail in white finish. Decorating stylish box shaped house then can be done also by creating rooftop garden, as well bedroom. Do not forget several unique chairs to add.

Picture Gallery of the Dazzling Box Shaped House Showing Creative Interior

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