Elegant Home Roof Design with Modern Touch

Steve Domoney Architecture creates this magnificent modern residence in Hawthorn, one of Melbourne’s famous suburbs. This modern residence is called Robinson Road by the studio is a representation of Australia’s eager to be the leading modern architecture in the world. Australia architecture has transformed from the traditional style towards a modern style because the rapid urbanization in Australia society. This creates a situation where modern architects flourish.

There are two defining motivations that create this modern home design in Hawthorn. First of all, the surrounding street neighborhood has post-war bungalow style. This creates more a contemporary living place neighborhood. Second is, with the growing large family house on Australia, today’s housing need to create a balance of security and privacy. This create new modern residence style that will make the presence of this modern home is noticeable while having privacy.

By seeing the exterior, you can feel the impression of a modern architecture. With the unusual shape, combined with black and white color, this modern residence gives its owner a touch of elegant and privacy. The white seating outside are also in a more modern style, as we can see it in the pictures. From distant, we can see this house stands with unique presence giving an upgraded structure in its surrounding neighborhood.

While in the interior of the house, we can see that it is perfectly designed to provide privacy. You would not notice that this modern residence has swimming pool inside it. The bathroom is also in modern style, as you can see in the pictures. Modern style always uses white color as the dominant color. Living room is also the same style as other room. This modern residence house offers a majestic yet futuristic living environment, not only for the house owner, but also the surrounding neighborhood.

Picture Gallery of the Elegant Home Roof Design with Modern Touch

Contemporary Robinson Road Residence Second Level PlanContemporary Robinson Road Residence Pool ViewContemporary Robinson Road Residence Pool View And Relaxing ChairContemporary Robinson Road Residence Pool And Living Area View From 2nd FloorContemporary Robinson Road Residence Modern White BathroomContemporary Robinson Road Residence Front ViewContemporary Robinson Road Residence First Level PlanContemporary Robinson Road Residence Dining Area And StairContemporary Robinson Road Residence Closet To BathroomContemporary Robinson Road Residence Bright Livingroom With Beautiful Rug And SofaContemporary Robinson Road Residence Bright Living Area With Stripe And Grey SofaContemporary Robinson Road Residence Unique Chair In Pool Area

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