The Exotic and Eclectic Sydney House

There are many house designs that have unique characteristic for each house design. One of the house designs that has unique design is eclectic house design. Although this house design is different from any common house design, this house design has its own characteristic that attracts many people to use this house design. If you are interested in taking eclectic house design, eclectic Sydney house becomes a great example of house that use eclectic house design. Don’t ask about the appearance of this house because many people, will amaze with the simple but stunning house design that will welcome any people who come to this house.

The first thing that will come inside many people’s mind where they see this house is this house is very simple. However, it will be changed when some people see the inside part of this house. The white color becomes the main color that is used to colorize all the part inside the house such as wall color, ceiling roof. Some parts of this house also use wooden floor tile. The combination between white color and wooden floor tile creates cozy taste for some people who live in this house. In addition to the cozy taste, it can make the house looks bigger than its usual appearance.

The other word that will come when people see this house is this house is like an art museum. There are many ornaments that are hanged on many parts inside the house. This house uses its wall as a place to hangs some ornaments like painting to create unique appearance inside the house. This eclectic Sydney house becomes big art display that shows many arts. The other unique thing that is contained inside this house is its bathroom. The yellow color dominates many parts inside this bathroom including the bathtub.

Picture Gallery of the The Exotic and Eclectic Sydney House

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