Fabulous Oscar Niemeyer Architecture Catches Your Eyes

Have you ever see the Oscar Niemeyer architectures that are so beautiful? Oscar Niemeyer is a well-known architect which often brings the modern style buildings to some cities in the world. Unfortunately, he should stop to improve his creativity in designing his fabulous building because he passed away in 104 years old. Here are some fabulous buildings that were designed by Oscar Niemeyer that make may make you remember it.

One of the most famous Oscar Niemeyer design buildings is Roman Catholic Cathedral. You are certainly often seeing it because you often go there or maybe you often see it in your TV. The next is Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum. This museum looks like a spaceship with winding red ramp. This museum stands above a beach. The next building that was designed by Oscar Niemeyer is Brasilia Cathedral. This crown shape of the building really catches the eyes of visitors. Not just the exterior that is fabulous, the interior of this cathedral is also luxurious with those angels fly over the ceiling of this cathedral.

The next building that was designed by Oscar Niemeyer is Itamaraty Palace. This building is a head office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The exterior is so fabulous with a large pond besides this building. The interior is so artistic with some stripes in it. Palace of the Dawn is also a building that was designed by Oscar Niemeyer. This building is an official residence of the President of Brazil. This building includes a ground floor, second floor, and basement for game room, Movie Theater, medical center and administrative offices.

There are still many of buildings that are designed by Oscar Niemeyer such as Sede da Procuradoria Geral da Republica, Oscar Niemeyer Museum, and Edificio Copan. They really make Brazil very beautiful. So, have you ever visit one of those Oscar Niemeyer concept buildings?

Picture Gallery of the Fabulous Oscar Niemeyer Architecture Catches Your Eyes

Sede Da Procuradoria Geral Da RepúblicaOscar Niemeyer Museum In The Shape Of An EyeOscar Niemeyer ArchitectureNiemeyers Sede Da Procuradoria Geral Da RepúblicaNiemeyers Palace Of The DawnNiemeyers Itamaraty PalaceNiemeyers Edificio CopanEdificio Copan By Oscar NiemeyerContemporary Art Museum By Oscar NiemeyerBrasilia Cathedral By NiemeyerThe Sede Da Procuradoria Geral Da República By NiemeyerThe Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum By Niemeyer

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