Fantastic Decorated Lamps Ideas

Have you ever visited to interior store then end up gone home with regret because your desired decorative lamp is way too expensive? Decorating house with unique lamp has been something that drains everyone’s savings. Whereas, lamp can be a great choice to simply decorate your house. You can put one stunning decorative light as a spotlight on your interior design and leave the rest simple.

If your house is a vintage one, you may find it easy to find a matched decorative light because there are so many classic yet stunning lights available on the market. Unique decorative lamp with classic design and metal structure must be matched with everyone’s desire. An old style lamp with medieval style is also an inevitable choice for you. But again, it is always be expensive and not affordable for some people. You sure don’t want to spend your entire decorating budget on a lamp, right?

So why should you buy it when you can simply make it all by yourself? When you want to decorate your house and put the spotlight on the lamp itself, you can simply repaint it. Don’t worry if you’re not an artist and you can’t even paint well, because this where you can explore your creativity. Paint it with abstract pattern so that it will looks like a real work of art. You can simply sweep your paint brush without certain direction to create that Picasso-effect.

You can also use unused things that you have. You have old film sheet? Don’t be hurry to throw it to the bin because you can use it as a lampshade for your table lamp. Simply glue the sheets through the lampshade’s frame then you will get a multifunction lampshade. It can be a lamp and decorative ornament in the same time. So, check out your storeroom and find something to make your own DIY decorative lamp.

Picture Gallery of the Fantastic Decorated Lamps Ideas

Wire Hanging Lamp DIYPink And White Brushstroke Lamp BasePhotography Inspired Lamp DIYLime Green DIY Chandelier With Fabric Lamp ShadeHanging Lamp With Black FeatherDIY White Yarn Chandelier Made With BalloonCamera Shaped Lamp DIYBlack And White Brushstroke Lamp BaseBlack And Silver Hanging Work Lamp

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