Fascinating Earthquake Proof Building Firms Creative Innovation

Human cannot expect and guess when natural disaster is going to happen. Just like the evolution rules, human can survive if and only if they know techniques about how to mitigate those risks and of course to live. One of the most damageable natural disasters is earthquake, it happens so often in countries with intersecting earth’s plates. Therefore, earthquake proof building is needed to reduce the damage and humans live as well. Let’s take tour about this brand new modern architecture for earthquake resistant design.

As mentioned before, earthquake proof building design has its own theme in architectural world. It also has plenty of options to choose one from. There is this HHF house located and created in China, which using walls as separator place for each floor of it. It is said as one example of so many buildings because two structures are there to support the house itself.

From the outside, it is similar to any other house. But the twin-like structure gives strong character to building. Walls for exterior are made of furnished wooden materials. There are also square black windows to give enough lights to the rooms. In another part of house, it is made of special strong materials, combining the cement, bricks, and concrete. This kind of house can be shaped in bunker-style, which means to make it in rounded form with popping windows.

Even though it is very useful for people to mitigate risks given by natural disaster threat, people may not ignore the original purpose of a house, which is its beautiful design. Architectural earthquake proof building design is an option where people apply a fixed theme to the whole house. In this case, choose monochromatic design to bedroom. White is dominating the walls and ceiling, but dark grey is for flooring surfaces.

Picture Gallery of the Fascinating Earthquake Proof Building Firms Creative Innovation

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