Fascinating Futuristic Home Interior Design

Some futuristic Hollywood movies such as Star Wars and Star Trek always become a great inspiration for many people in their life. For example, the futuristic building style that is contained inside those movies inspires any people to create a same home with the futuristic building that is contained inside the movie. The futuristic home is always identical with unique shape that is very different than any other common house shape in this world. However, the unique house shape can attract any people to compliment the appearance of house since it has high artistic value that is shown from the house shape. For this reason, Formwerkz Architects has created futuristic home interior design for any people who are interested in creating futuristic home style for them.

Formwerkz Architects apply the futuristic home design for a house that is located on Singapore. With unique shape and futuristic design, any people will know and remember this house very well since this house has unique shape that is different than other house. The exterior part of this house uses brown and white color as the main color on the outside. The most interesting thing is about the pool that is located on the patio of this house. There is beautiful picture of flower that is painted on the pool. For this reason, the pool becomes a real “canvas” contains a picture of flower.

The other factor of futuristic home interior design that is contained inside this house is the unique-patterned wall that increases the artistic value of the house. In addition to the unique-patterned, there are still many great features that are contained inside this house. If you are included as a person that loves futuristic movie or unique interior design, this futuristic home and interior design can be chosen to create futuristic “space ship” as your home.

Picture Gallery of the Fascinating Futuristic Home Interior Design

Third Level Futuristic Home Layout PlanSmall Pond Completed Green Vines In The WallSecond Level Futuristic Home Layout Plan1Green Plants Placed In The BathroomFuturistic Home Section D D Layout PlanFuturistic Home Section A A Layout PlanFloral Motif Swimming Pool Tiles Viewed Through Transparent Glazed Window In Upper LevelFloral Motif Swimming Pool Placed Together With Small YardFirst Level Futuristic Home Layout Plan1Basement Futuristic Home Layout PlanYellow Lighting Inside With Green Garden Viewed From FacadeWooden Ornament Next To The Stairs In The White SpaceWhite Curved Stairs With White Rounded LightsWhite Curved Stairs In The Futuristic HomeWhite And Wooden Stairs With Transparent Glazed Fences

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