Fascinating Rooftop Garden as a Family Place

A rooftop garden is a garden which is placed in the roof. Do you have some empty space in the roof? If you have, you can use it to make a special room for your family. You do not have any idea about this? Let’s see. Here, we have some references about designing and making over your rooftop becomes a very beautiful and comfortable family room.

Look at the picture. There are sofas in black color surrounded with green plants. The white ornamental plants pattern painted in dark brown color. It is very important for you to have a space especially garden so that you can take a breath and see wonderful scenery around your house. In the second picture you can see one of the examples of garden design which consists of beautiful green plants. There is some more rooftop garden design that you can see in this page.

In the next picture you can see a beautiful and wonderful design of rooftop with privacy. People also can have privacy when they spend their time with their family or special person while enjoying the scenery in the rooftop. In the next picture, there is a large space in the rooftop which is covered with high roof house around it.

The wooden chairs are in L and u shapes which is placed near the plant pots. Combined with granite floor in cream and white color combination, the garden does not look like a garden on the roof. It looks very different and of course comfortable.

You can also apply a comfortable gazebo on the rooftop. The white long sofa is placed under the gazebo made from wooden materials in bright brown color. The dark brown color on its wooden gazebo makes the garden looks very classic and traditional. You have to believe that the time goes by so fast when you were here. Rooftop garden design ideas like this will give you a place for you and your family to gather without going to another place outside.

Picture Gallery of the Fascinating Rooftop Garden as a Family Place

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