Field House Design in Ellington, Wisconsin

If you want to find one of the most uncommon house designs in the world you should see this field house design that situated rural area of Ellington, Wisconsin. The location of this outstanding field house design is also very awkward actually; it locates in a grass field. Well, this house is very unique and it surely one of the most unique houses designs in the world right now.

When you see from far away, this amazing field house design looks like some kind of factory. You can only identify this awesome field house design is a house only when you really close to it.

Now will talking about the outer part or you may call the “shell” of this field house design. The outer part is manufactured from zinc galvanized metal skin or you can simply say tin or can like what you usually saw in many factories. That is unique, isn’t it? It is possibly the only house in the world that uses this kind of material for the outer part of the house. You know people usually use rocks, concreter and brick, but this one is extraordinary. However, this extraordinary field house design is still has one beautiful thing to look, the interior design.

The inner part of this perfect house design is also amazing. It can surely become an example for any other creation out there. Look at the elegant living room in the inner part of this adorable field house design. It contradicts the outer design that looks unique; this one looks very “calm” and elegant. That is why the inner part of this house is the one that you need to see before you judge this awesome field house design.

That was little information about gorgeous field house design in Wisconsin. Unique field house design is something that you can’t see everywhere, it is very unique and it deserves a lot of credits from us.

Picture Gallery of the Field House Design in Ellington, Wisconsin

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