Flaunting Creative Miniature for Empowering a Workplace

There is so many solutions to get rid of your fatigue by adding a unique creative miniature at your workplace. You do not need to go outside or turn on your TV anymore since this kind of furniture is very amusing. There are some examples of it and one of big theme that is made is 7 wonders. As we know that there are Borobudur Temple, Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Pisa, etc. Those building is made to be a miniature for table, bookshelf, lamp-holder, etc.

Here, there are some pictures about Creative 7 Wonders Miniature that has already been made. There are two furniture which its model is Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal. The Eiffel Tower has a curvy shaped than its original. It is painted in pitch-black for the body and metallic white for the headlamp. The lamp holder is made from a combination of alloy and iron. So, this furniture is very tenacious. The cable is planted through the body of this miniature so that it will not distract its prettiness.

For Taj Mahal design, black is more dominant than other colors. But, its upper board is painted in soft brown color. The dome is also painted in soft brown color. This color combination creates an appealing impression. This furniture is actually a bit lame because Taj Mahal is just flipped to face downward. However, its design is very amazing because it is just the same with its original building.

Now, what do you think? It must be very great to have one of those miniature at your workplace. You will be able to reduce your stress and fatigue because of your job. You are also be able to get a fine appearance at your working place. Finally, by assembling this Creative 7 Wonders Miniature Ideas, you will bring a great experience through your jobs.

Picture Gallery of the Flaunting Creative Miniature for Empowering a Workplace

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