Futuristic Twist Table Design for Some Purposes

There are many forms of bench, table, and chairs which can be designed into unique model, include twist table itself which has specific design. The table itself can be for any kinds of purpose which always support the daily life of people. With the basic component of wood, the carpenter can design that kind of table with any kinds of form easily. Because wood is one of easy component which has special structure and texture too. The component itself is easy to get in around of us too. The specification of wood can influence the performance of table itself. The board and legs has different form. The leg itself also unusual, where there is no stand legs like others table, but the form is a half of circle or a half of oval. It becomes unique furniture, where usually this kind of table only used for display or complement of room.

Twist Table Texture

The main texture from that kind of table is come from wood component itself. Where the wood has special structure on its skin. Unique twist table utilize all kind of shape like combination of square board or a half of circle or oval. There are some inspirations which can influence that kind of table form. The carpenter utilizes some shapes around of people’s life into a good form of table. The material which designed softly becomes one of value for that table too. The texture of wood skin itself can form equal one with each other, so it look like very futuristic.

The color of table itself can be designed too into any kinds of color too. Usually, people prefer to use natural color of wood, or it is combined with other dark color. The mixing between natural color of wood and dark color, make those table has special impression for its performance. The legs itself also look more different because of clear color and unique model. Usually that table is put on side of living room, or on the corner of room. It can be put on outside too like in terrace or balcony.

Twist Table Function

The function of that table can be various. First, people can use it as table display, where accommodate some antique goods, small goods for accessories inside of room. Some people also design it as living table, so it has bigger size too. In balcony, the table has function to complete chairs or sofas in there. It can be a reading table too inside of study room. Twist table concept become a unique model of table with any kind of purposes.

Picture Gallery of the Futuristic Twist Table Design for Some Purposes

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