Good Three Floor House for Enjoyable Residential Place

Storey house is always intriguing, and many house owners want a two floor or even three floor house. Storey house is getting popular due the difficulty in finding land and the price is also getting higher. Storey house means more accommodation in a small land due its structure. While it need more planning than a one floor house, customizing and designing is not that hard.

As you can see in the pictures of this three floor or three storey houses, you can instantly knows why the owner wants a high home building. This is so the house owner can enjoy the natural environment that surrounding the home. By having a high building, the owner can enjoy the outside view from the second or third floor. Watching environment from above can be very pleasant experience which only can be enjoyed in a three floors home.

Inside the house, we can judge that this house have contemporary style. The living room is on the ground floor and it has contemporary furniture such as the couch, armchairs, the table and the fancy fireplace. High ceiling in here is designed with large windows so it can give a spacious impression. Multiple floors house can be looks cramped due its low ceiling.

The dining room and kitchen area are also on the ground floor. We can see this beautiful wooden kitchen frame cabinet. And the dining room offers us a relaxing environment due the presence of large windows here and there. Ornaments and plants are also can be seen in the house, which it offers an interesting house interior. Many people try to minimize the use of ornaments and plants inside the house, which cause the room to looks a little bit dull. But in this three floor house interior we can see that the designer try to create hospitable layout.

Picture Gallery of the Good Three Floor House for Enjoyable Residential Place

The View Of The Ground Floor Seen From Upper AreaThe Staircse Connects To Others Levels Near Living RoomStaircase With Glass Accent Of Handrails Integrated With Wooden AccentPerfect Look Of The Dining Room With Some Grey ChairsLovely Kitchen With L Shape Of Kitchen Cabinet ThemeInspiring Living Room With Cream Theme Of The CouchFancy Living Room With Glass Wall From Floor To CeilingDazzling Interior Of Dining Room With Wooden Dining TableChic Living Room With Modern Furniture SchemeCharming Bathroom With White Interior SchemeAwesome Room With Chic Outside View On Upper AreaWooden Detail Is Shown By The Furniture And Frame Of CabinetThe Walk Connecting To Three Storey HomeThe View Of The Three Storey House

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