Gorgeous Penthouse Renewal Idea for Your Old Dwelling

A house would not be complete if he did not have a nice penthouse because this place is usually a family member will be good to spend time together just joking or talking about things that are important. Therefore if you are feeling bored with the penthouse you have now or you are looking for references to make the penthouse then you should look for renewal penthouse idea. Of course the goal is to make the house look beautiful appearance overall. One idea of those renewal ideas is to make a combination between classic styles with a contemporary style.

As an example is when you have a building with a ceiling dome, so it is good if you let the dome was to be the only sign of a classic of your home while you can also add an accent of modernity. The result you will get the ceiling which is owned by the churches in the middle Ages. While the walls are engraved either already in polish and is still a bare wall will give an elegant effect whereas for a contemporary touch in renewal penthouse idea, you can use the aluminum frame and the black to the black paint on the wall.

As a separator between the main rooms with a new penthouse, you can use a large glass window which can be slide. This window will give the maximum brightness in the main room and the porch. This type of window will also provide flexibility for both the main room and penthouse for it. More than that, this window will also provide better air circulation. Those are some steps in renewal penthouse idea that you can do. Although with a minimalist budget, but you still will get the maximum results. And the type of interior design above is suitable for this type of apartment.

Picture Gallery of the Gorgeous Penthouse Renewal Idea for Your Old Dwelling

Prominent Living Room Filled With Natural Light And Metal CastsPrecious Vaulted Ceiling In White Modern Interior DesignOpen Living Room Added To The Outdoor Sphere By The Glass Sliding DoorMagnificent Dining Room With Carved Gate See Through To The BedroomImpressive Living Room With Wide Glass Outlets And Sliding Door Opens To The New Built TerraceEvoking White Kitchen With Grey Marble CounterDivine Bedroom With Palatial Arches Ceiling Over Light Wooden Veneer FlooringCultivated New Rooftop Terrace With Ultra Modern Outdoor SeatCharming Wall Carved Out Bare Red Brick Wall Behind The Book ShelfAdoring Black Coated Metal Frame Holds The Glass Window Overlooking The TerraceSuave Corners Of The Poetic House Merges The Anci And Modern Furnishingent Architecture

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