Impressive Artistic PVC Creativity Ideas

Most of people used to be attached with this thing but not all of them considering that this material could be look good not only for supporting furniture but also as statement artistic PVC. PVC is abbreviation for Polyvinyl Chloride that commonly shaped in round, white in colour and having a wide range of shape dimensions while this review will talk more about this thing that could be giving high probability to shining the space.

Look at some captures of how PVC can be interesting in such living place. Let’s review it from the use of artistic PVC pipe as curtain rod, PVC pipe is used to be additional item for making curtain looks fashionable and of course functionable so silver classic PVC curtain rod paired with white velvet curtain drapery will be enhancing contemporary and clean look in such seating room while old golden curtain rod must be perfect to facing vintage golden chandelier supported by bunch of candles is any range of size from small, medium to the large ones.

However, white medium PVC round shape can be smart option for wine rack in which the wine can organize and keep in tidy because they have their own room instead of mixing in terrace wine rack feature while brown terrace PVC can be stack in proper shape and level for making a shoe cabinet. That shoe cabinet can be located in mudroom or even at main room such as in the corner of living room since the shape is catch a breath but be sure that your shoes were clean enough and smell good though.

Nevertheless, PVC LED lighting wall mural seems good idea especially for such artistic place like artist studio or bar since it looks extravaganza and sophisticated at the same time while vintage PVC flower vase is another artistic PVC pipe used for calmness reason.

Picture Gallery of the Impressive Artistic PVC Creativity Ideas

Bud Vase From A PVC PipeVintage PVC Pipe Curtain RodStylish PVC Pipe Curtain RodsSleek Modern Wine Rack Made From PVC PipesReclaimed PVC Pipes VasesDIY PVC Pipe Shoe RackDIY PVC Pipe OrganizersCreative PVC Pipe Wall Mural

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