Impressive Green Life Place Sports Smart Technology Used

With the raising environment issue of global warming, many architects and designers make models and concepts of green life. Pursuing and supporting the campaign of green environment these people also do not forget about stylish touch when designing this kind of house. All furnishings and décor are made in energy saving design, thus will save money also because not much electricity are used. But, this smart and breakthrough idea should be designed in careful details.

For creating green life house, build with high ceiling and abundant amounts of glass windows framed with steel. Paint the interior with white or light color for walls and ceiling, whereas for flooring choose dark wooden materials. And for ceiling make some circle holes covered with glass roof for better ventilation and much sunlight to come inside. Decorate room with unique items, especially colorful ones so it gives color to the neutral rooms. Place white couch for sofas with fabric cushions in white and green colors combination.

In other side of house, build indoor swimming pool. Do not forget to maintain enough sunlight inside, surely from massive uses of large size windows and they can be opened for extra fresh air when needed. Not only that, actually this arrangement of ample ventilation will lead people to look extravagantly wonderful scenery outside. Because it is area of pool, it must be slippery sometimes. Therefore, choose soft rug installed surrounding the pool itself.

Moving to bedroom, this area is still using the same concept of airy sensation which also means to create many oval or circular holes. As mentioned above, this is to make sure enough lights and for ventilation in stylish manner. Back to these unique windows, place long and soft upholstered sofa in bright green color. Furthermore, choose bedding for green life house design in combination of white and bright colors, and made from clean linens.

Picture Gallery of the Impressive Green Life Place Sports Smart Technology Used

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