Futuristic Industrial Office Concept Provide Innovative Furniture

There are many office ideas that affect your comfort feeling to finish work there. This time, you will be enthusiastic looking at industrial office concept that prioritizes health and futuristic ideas. This office is quite spacious. Unusual ceiling shapes in white color are crafted of concrete. Metallic roof truss in black and white concrete mezzanine existing here creates contrastive sight. Sleek concrete floor in this room is created in high gloss finish. Sparkling lighting ideas fitted on ceiling illuminate this spacious office.

Healthy concept applying in this office is derived from bright skylight and large windows that allow you to see freshening garden outside. Brilliant Industrial Office Concept is not only dominated with unusual structure in interior but also exterior. There is hanging garden which is full of greenery. The top which is full of plants provide fresh air. Glass windows in large size that optimize sunlight to brighten this office enhances healthy office concept.

This industrial office is equipped with futuristic furniture made of untreated wood. Wood cabinet without high gloss finish is used to store files. Laminate desk in black is very elegant with sectional table lamp. Black leather swivel chair is placed in front of this desk. To makes workers feel relax as they finish the job, artistic painting is adhered on wall to entertain them. Short wall partition made of concrete borders each private space for workers so they can focus on their own tasks.

Concrete floor tile in living room is covered with fur rug. This room is supplied with large glass window to enhance Brilliant Industrial Office Concept style. Huge bookcase made of untreated wood is used to place glazed jars and books. Black gold bowl pendant lamps hanging on ceiling are similar to circular shaped wall shelves in black and gold color. Exclusive metallic desk colored in black and gold are surrounded by modern black swivel chairs.

Picture Gallery of the Futuristic Industrial Office Concept Provide Innovative Furniture

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