Inspiring Togo Sofa as the Furniture Icon

Between the shifting of the era, Togo sofa still stands with its characterized design. Designed by Michael Ducaroy, this furniture is one of the icons of modern furniture. The characters are definite: colorful and unique. Although not all people like it, this furniture type is still applied both in classic or modern interior.

The iconic Togo sofa always draws the attention since its bright color and the distinguishing feature. The red sofa with Togo style will add the absolute contrast on the dark wood flooring in the contemporary interior design. The others bright color of this sofa is yellow. It looks warm in winter interior design especially with the large glass windows and doors allowing the view of the snowy land. For the option of the soft color, the soft green is suitable for your nursery or the kid’s room. Combined with the pink throw pillows on it and the colorful stripes rug, this sofa will make the room cozier.

This sofa also best fits to be place in front of the fireplace. The green color of the sofa light up the room ambient, giving the fresh look and sense. The spacious room with large glass windows will look chic and comfort with the presence of this sofa in one of the corners of this room. Want natural theme? The dark brown of this iconic sofa will give more natural touch on the wooden flooring in the natural theme interior for idea about it you can look at the picture.

Bright orange sofa designed with this style can be so cheerful. It stimulates the ideas in your living room. Placed on the light orange woolen rug, this sofa can be the center of the eye. Togo sofa design is the iconic design presenting the out of the box ideas of the designer.

Picture Gallery of the Inspiring Togo Sofa as the Furniture Icon

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