Interesting Ideas for Hotel Design

In choosing hotel while vacation, most of people would take the hotel design on the top of the list of considerations. Well, it is normal because most of people would visually attract to the hotel with good and interesting design. That way, it is very important to pay attention on the design of your hotel because this is what would really determine your business.

Switzerland has been long known as the center of tourism in Europe. The beautiful scenery of mountains and hills around this country is the thing that becomes the favorite things among the tourist. Most of hotels in Switzerland provide not only gorgeous design, but also the beautiful open concept which makes it easy for you to enjoy the sceneries. Related to our talk about design of the hotel, here is an interesting hotel design in Switzerland you can use as reference to design your hotel.

To optimize the view, most of hotel in Switzerland has open roof deck for their guests to spend time while enjoying the view. You can steal this idea by creating open seating on your roof top with panoramic view to the surrounding area. Add some low chairs and sofas to make it comfortable for your guest to hang out here. Don’t forget to add an outdoor umbrella to create shady and comfortable seating even under the heat of the sun. Try to use neutral color for the sofas and combine it with colored pattern to create simple but attractive design.

You can also use the idea of private balcony for each room. Use loft style for the room with private balcony and add staircase for the access to the second floor of the room. This way, your guest would get wider and bigger room and also a private balcony for them to enjoy the view privately. These are some hotel design inspirations you can use as reference to design your hotel.

Picture Gallery of the Interesting Ideas for Hotel Design

Oudoor Restaurant In Balcony With Black And White InteriorOrange Lounge Sofa On Wooden FloorOrange Couch Near Silver Bucket With WineOrange Bed For Black Masaage SpaceInfinity Pool With Fountain Overlooking Great Mountain ViewIndoor Swimming Pool With Lounge SpaceGrey Sofa And Wooden Table Placed Near Glazed Wall With Mountain ViewGlazed Shower Area Door With Grey TilesBrown And Yellow Box Under Man PaintingBrown And Creamy Sofa With Red And Brown Motif Cushions In SpaceBrown And Black Sofa Near Orange And White Arch LampBlue Indoor Infinity Pool With Small Cactus In PotBlack Sofa And Yellow Cushions With Wooden Table Overlooking Great Mountain ViewBlack Rattan Chairs With White Lounge Chairs For SpaceBlack Big Foot Ornament Under Black Arch Lamp Near Wooden OrnamentBlack And White Piano Near Wooden Shelf In White SpaceBlack And White Cushions On Black Sofa In Front Of Glazed WallBalcony Space With Unique LampYellow Bilyard Table Under White ChandelierWooden Table Under Painting Between Black Sofa With Cushions

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