Kitchen Cabinet Design for Small Apartment with Fresh Look

Kitchen cabinet design is often be something that needs to be thought carefully, especially when you have such a small space to be your kitchen. You will be thinking how to locate it without looking crowded, which design should you occupy, which material you should use and what to put inside the cabinet. By having the challenge of small kitchen area, you will be force to think out of the box and get brilliant ideas.

 Kitchen Cabinet Design with Simple Straight Lines and Lamps

To give simple and fresh look to small kitchen cabinet design, you should try for having kitchen cabinet design with modern look which having less intricate design and curvaceous shape and enhancing the slim, sleek and straight lines. You also have to place your mini kitchen next to the windows so it will be able to enjoy the natural lighting. But if you are not lucky enough to have windows in your kitchen, place a ceiling inserted lamps to brighten the room.

Exaggerating Space for Mini Kitchen Cabinet Design

Of course since there are abundance kitchen appliances, you will have to think carefully about the storage thing. Shaker Style kitchen cabinet design seems perfect in this situation. You will need kitchen cabinet design which incorporates many drawers and closet with simple look. To give airy and spatial look, replace the wall cabinet door with glass door. You will be able to show off your kitchen appliances too. Try to have frosted glass door if you did not too fond of show off idea. This way the kitchen will be looking spatial, stylish, fresh and hidden at the same time.

To overcome wasted space for the kitchen cabinet, you should have built in kitchen cabinet which incorporates all the racks for your needs. This way the kitchen appearance will be more organized and make it easier for you to locate things. Of course, in such a narrow space you will need to place something to brighten the kitchen area. Using mirror backsplash, plant ornament on the windows, or flower on the vase at the corner of the cabinet will make your kitchen cabinet design look great.


Picture Gallery of the Kitchen Cabinet Design for Small Apartment with Fresh Look

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