Lovely Contemporary Apartment Design: The Tel Aviv Apartment

The existence of contemporary apartment design in last few years is even more crucial and important in this modern era. That is why people turn to vertical living space and start to create such an amazing vertical living space design. This lovely modern style apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel, is one of those new vertical living creation that able to become such a sufficient living space for so many people. The beauty of this Tel Aviv apartment, which created by Tali Medellin Architecture, then, able to become such a great basis for any other apartment creation because of its simplicity and design quality.

There are several part of this lovely contemporary apartment design that able to show you the ingenious contemporary floor plan and space setting that apply in this living space. The first part that able to show the uniqueness and the smartness of the design will be the contemporary living room. This living room is equipped with such a nice, big and comfortable sofa that combined with glass table located front of the bookshelf that contains the LCD TV.

The other smart space design and efficient space setting that can be seen in this perfect modern apartment is the kitchen setting. This kitchen is equipped with a nice touch of industrial style that can be seen from the several uncovered pipe that become the part of the design. Although the kitchen and the living room is located in the same room, both of them have a very different design style, which make the space looks so unique.

The beauty that can be found in this gorgeous eclectic style apartment design is, indeed, a great sign of apartment design development that able to give people such a lovely living space although it is created in a very limited space. Lovely contemporary apartment design in Tel Aviv is, in short, amazing.

Picture Gallery of the Lovely Contemporary Apartment Design: The Tel Aviv Apartment

Exciting Floor Plan of the Apartment Before the Fabulous RenovationDetailed Apartment Floor plan After Renovation by architect Tali MedellinA Look Inside the Stylish Tel Aviv Apartment RoomsTraditional TV Display Cabinet with an Integrated Bookshelf Beside the Work AreaStylish Living Room Connected with the Yard Indoor Meets Outdoor ConceptRetro Styled Living Room of the Tel Aviv Apartment with Open Bookcase DesignOpen Floor Living Plan of the Apartment Decor with Hanging Bubble ChairModern Bathroom with Opulent White Tiles Backsplash IdeaIconic Bubble Chair in the Living Room with Red Cushion

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