Magnificent Residence Design of The Frill House

Hiren Patel Architects has formed a very glorious residence design for a residence called The Frill House with a very gorgeous and impressive development. This residence stands vigorously in Ahmedabad, India, and consists plenty of attractive features with emphasize on beautiful high ceilings and modern glass walls. Both exterior design and interior design emerge very mature with contemporary style. While the connection between indoor living space and outdoor environment is really precise in a melodious relationship.

Those large glass walls obviously become the main accent for this house, and as a crucial element of this residence design concept those walls produce a very spacious and relaxing ambiance. Since the glass walls could connect the indoor living space to green out yard with a very modern form. The high ceilings also contribute more relaxing and spacious atmosphere. Moreover very calm white painted walls is the next impressive aspect, since those walls could demonstrate more classy and pure figure. White tone absolutely brings an open ambiance, without losing its elegant side.

Further ahead, dark wooden also appears a little bit dominant through some charming window frames, classic but sturdy staircase, and some artistic furniture. The bright hues emerge as an additional point through those colorful cushions and some charming artworks. For flooring, dark marble and white marble emerge very elegant as the main material and they successfully give deluxe aura for the house. The mixture of those beautiful marble floors and modern high ceilings really demonstrates a modern dynamic design. Not to forget about the refreshing green courtyard which blends together with indoor space through those modern large glass windows and doors.

To sum up this residence would be very comfortable since its provides a very precise combination between indoor and outdoor living space design, along with vigorous and modern ambiance through its combination of furniture. The owner or every guest who come and stay in this house will be pampered with those affecting features, hence this house would be the best prototype of modern residence which could demonstrate both great exterior and interior design beautifully.

Picture Gallery of the Magnificent Residence Design of The Frill House

Sensational Wooden Deck on the Green Grass Yard outside the Frill House with Wooden Shutters and Cozy LoungeLuxurious Details in the Frill House Dining Room with Wide Table and Cozy Chairs under Bright LampsLong Wooden Deck near the Frill House Lounge with Wooden Shutters and the Wide Glass WallsGorgeous Lamps on the White Wall in Frill House Terrace with Wooden Chairs and Dark Side TableFabulous Ground Floor Design Plan of the Frill House with Wide Lounge Space and Wide Dining RoomCozy Sitting Space in the Frill House with Brown Sofas and Colorful Throw Pillows on itColorful Throw Pillow on the White Bed with a Purple Quilt in the Frill House BedroomBright Interior Lighting of the Frill House with Wide Glass Walls and Wooden Shutters near Grass YardBeautiful Wall Art inside the Frill House with Dark Bench and Small Cabinet near the White WallAwesome View of the Frill House Entrance with Wooden Door and Bright Lighting near Grass YardArtistic Ornaments in the Frill House Bathroom with Wooden Tub and Glass Shower Space under White Ceiling

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