Modern Residence Design: Vilamoura House

Yes, there are a lot of modern residence designs that you can find out there, but, how about this one? Do you think that it is one of the best? The beautiful modern residence design that we talk about is this Vilamoura House. This incredible modern residence design is the creation of Groupo Dunaplana and this house is lies on a very wide area. The design characteristic that will provide by this house is a spacious space setting with an amazing furniture selection. The open space setting that use by the designer to create this house is a really perfect space setting, considering the area where this house is situated.

The first amazing thing that we can easily find from this gorgeous modern residence design is the setting itself. Look at the wide free space in the front side of the house. This wide space is created to accommodate cars that possibly will take this area as the parking lot. The next amazing things we can enjoy from this awesome modern residence design are the lovely wide swimming pool that we can find in the back of the house. This amazing swimming pool is equipped with nice outdoor table set and surrounded by fence-like plantation that beautifully sets to decorate this swimming pool.

Moreover, the inside part of this perfect modern residence design is also the one that deserve a lot of credits. It is dominated by white color, as obligatory modern setting’s color, and it uses superb minimalist furniture. Look at the living in which is surrounded with glass windows to give the people inside the house great view of surrounding setting. This living is also directly connected to the swimming pool and the front door also.

So, the question is remind the same, do you think that this gorgeous modern residence design is one of the best modern residence designs in the world right now? Gorgeous modern residence design like this Vilamoura house is always become something special for anybody, indeed.

Picture Gallery of the Modern Residence Design: Vilamoura House

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