Posh Town Hall Contrast with Old Age Building

Living in the town means so much including limited area to build a comfort residence, however this review will talk about a town hall that delivering open space concept which gaining closer feeling to the natural atmosphere located at French country side that blessing with beautiful scenery and serenity ambiece.

Let’s take a look into some reviews that can broaden your idea about good looking hall in contemporary architecture and modern picking material. Let’s start with the façade of town hall architecture created by Chartier-Corbasson Architectes that trying to maintain and combine transparent hall look with green lush surrounded the main building.

The hall is actually built in green terrace land facing home town below in which the land structure is coming from stack of natural stone that mostly covered up by green vine leaves which making transparent glass ceiling window and door looks more amazing and stunning.

This modern hall is somehow look contrast with another old architecture that mostly coming from the middle age where broken white brick exterior wall is commonly paired with black ceiling and stone outdoor staircase is installed leading to the front door. Although it making contrast, open space style was making the building seems related to surrounded environment where the hall having extra large window with artistic window shade from black wooden material.

Eventually, since the exterior is coming up with transparent look then it can reflect beautiful scenery perfectly at the day while at the night sophisticated golden curtain blind shade is making it seem nothing than gorgeous. For the interior design, monochrome palette is dominated the style with soft yellow lighting LED lamp installed at ceiling line, while for public room, a bunch of black velvet arm chair supported by golden glossy mosaic backsplash is delivering smart town hall architecture design just in compact space.

Picture Gallery of the Posh Town Hall Contrast with Old Age Building

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