Quirky Game Studio Office as A Playful And Inspiring Office Design

Office environments share a great influence on the productivity and creativity during the working hours, especially game studio office. Game studio office has to be inspirational and boost employee imagination to create endless creativity projects. Every office has their own design concepts depend on what’s their working on. Either it’s culinary, games, party organizer or anything else; the whole interior design has to reflect their passion and future vision.

Eye Catching Décor for Game Studio Office

Here are some pictures of innovative game studio office layout in Romania. Designed by duet combo Ezzo Design and Game Studio 2o, modern materials, intriguing design, unique lines and environment conscious blended into one game studio office. Different ceiling concept is the most eye catching decoration in this office, which is shattered ceiling and loads of pipes.

It has been explained that creative ideas comes from out of the box way of thinking and breaking typical rules of style, yet produced a unique artwork, and not just some random style combinations. Just like this game studio office, designed like no other, using blue, white and black as the main color scheme and helps for natural daylight from large sized window create one fresh and spacious office layout. Finishing touch with natural plans that requires neither minimal maintenance nor watering makes a perfect sustainable and efficient office design.

Sustainable Game Studio Office

The main idea of this game studio office is inspired by a spaceship interior design. Heading to the lounge, a relaxing vibes could be felt even with the busy wall sticker of spaceship decorations.

For a side notes though, to go with a theme means going all out with every single detail, such as rug or carpet, accessories, the lightning system and everything that supports the main theme. There are a lot of details that showed in this game studio office design such as numerous white lampions, unique kitchen floor design, pipes ceiling, wall stickers and many more.

Picture Gallery of the Quirky Game Studio Office as A Playful And Inspiring Office Design

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