Scandinavian Home Design: High Gate Residence

There are many home designs that we can apply in our creation and one of them is Scandinavian home design. Well, there are many people that don’t understand what Scandinavian is, but that is not important. The most important thing that we need to do here is to use this great Scandinavian home design as an example of our own creation.

The house that we talk about here is located in north London, England and this stunning Scandinavian home design is created by Thomas Griem Studio, entitled as the Highgate. Highgate Residence itself is a residence located in London, England and it was created by TG Studio.

Anyway, the first thing that we have to see in this lovely Scandinavian home design is, of course, the outer part of the house. Well, the outer part of the house is quite common in British house design. The model is, you know, lovely and this beautiful Scandinavian home design is created by using brick wall that left uncover.

When you see the outer part of this awesome Scandinavian home design, you will feel that this house is the same with its neighbor, but the true identity of this amazing Scandinavian home design is not lies in there, it lies in the interior design.

The interior design of this perfect Scandinavian home design is the result of renovation. Look at the stairs in the middle of the room; it is lovely, isn’t it? Well, it is not that lovely in previous design, it is more lie gloomy. The futuristic designs that use recreate this lovely stair design seems make it more “alive”.

That was little information about gorgeous Scandinavian home design in north London. Lovely Scandinavian home design has been proven as one of the best styles that we can apply in our house design, which is why you should know about it in case you want recreate your home.

Picture Gallery of the Scandinavian Home Design: High Gate Residence

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