Sleek White Home Interior Design

Interior design becomes the most important aspect that determines the appearance of inner part inside the house. For this reason, many house owners try to pick a suitable interior design to beautify the inner part of their house. However, there are many factors that determine the appearance of house. One of the factors that determine the appearance of house is color. Color has a role to give a specific nuance that is wanted by the house owner. For example, if the house owner needs sleek and smooth color, a white color becomes a great color that can bring sleek and smooth accent inside the house. White home interior design is very suitable for any people who want to apply white color for all part inside their house.

The house is designed by Emre Arolat Architect and located on Istanbul, Turkey. This house becomes a great example for many people who want to apply white color for all parts inside their house. Let’s start from dining room. This room uses some furniture with white color. In addition to the white color, there is also another color that is applied inside this house like gray color that accompanies white color to colorize the dining room.

The other room also uses grey color as the combination of White home interior design. It is shown from the selection of grey refrigerator that is put on this house give unique visual to any people who see it. In addition to the unique visual, any people will become attracted to use this refrigerator inside their house since this refrigerator has unique design. The combination between grey and white color is also shown from the bathroom of this house. The grey color is still used as the wall color of the house and the white color is shown from some parts inside the house.

Picture Gallery of the Sleek White Home Interior Design

White Bed With Blanket And Pillows Placed Under Painting In BedroomWhite Bathtub Overlooking Large Screen Flat TV Through Transparent Glazed WallWhite Bathtub Completed With Glowing White Lights In BathroomWhite Bar Stools For White Kitchen TableTransparent Glazed Wall For Fitting Room In BedroomScreen Flat TV Hanging On Glazed Wall In Front Of The BedGlossy White Cupboard In The KitchenBright White Coffee Table Completed With White Chairs And Oval TableBlack Sofa And Cushions Combined With White Chairs And Oval Table On White CarpetBlack Chairs Combined With Wooden Table And White Glassware In Dining RoomBeautiful White Living Room Equipped With White Sofa And Black ChairsWhite Wooden Floating Stairs With Black Fences In White HouseWhite Washbasin With Mirror And Glossy Silver Trash CanWhite Washbasin With Large Mirror In BathroomWhite Washbasin Under Mirror Near Glazed Shower Area DoorWhite Table Completed With Glazed And Glossy Silver Ornament In The Glazed BoxWhite Single Bed Combined With White Shelf In BedroomWhite Shelf With Chairs For Table Work In BedroomWhite Shelf Placed Behind Black Sofa In Living RoomWhite Chairs With Oval Table With Orange Flowers In Glazed Vase

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