Splendid Hanging Containers for Indoor Planters

Besides of planting in the garden or in the pots, we can also plant our favorite plants in the hanging containers. Sounds familiar? Hanging planters have been applying for the unique planters since the birth of the gardening ideas. The different thing here is we are not going to put those planters outdoor as the exterior element, but we are going to put them indoor as one of indoor decoration.

Hanging containers for planting can be created as unique as possible, such as the upside down hanging planter. Hung just like the lighting pendant, these upside hanging planters will look very unique. The plants that should face the ceiling, but now they face the ground. It will be the stylish natural decoration for your modern interior design. The non-upside down hanging planters can also be the fabulous ideas. The floating garden arranged from a set of the hanging planters that are hung in different height give the natural floating sense to the interior. To add the mode contemporary mode, you can pick the metallic color such as silver color for the containers and picked the different sizes.

The elegant look is presented by these glass bubble hanging planters. This is one of the coolest planting ideas. Besides it looks smart, it can also give you the terrarium style for your interior. This is the perfect decoration for you who adore botanical ornaments.

Still about science, you can also re-purpose the test tube as the feminine hanging planters for your favorite flowers. The slim look and the simplicity makes these hanging planters look classy and elegant. Want to hang the plants on the wall? Arrange a set of wall planters from jars or pots. These elements are easy to incorporate. Another idea is by creating the wooden boards that are planted with the green plants. Inspiring hanging containers planting can become the decorative ideas especially to add the natural sense of the interior design.

Picture Gallery of the Splendid Hanging Containers for Indoor Planters

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