Stone Fireplace Mantels for Modern House

Most of the details that could be found inside a living room are decorative in nature, this is mostly true for the stone fireplace mantels, as their property of functionality is quite outdate. Thus, the true task of implementing a fireplace in a house is to assign it with stone fireplace ideas whose presentation would captivate the eyes of its suitors. This is exactly the case with the modern house of my friend which has, in its living room segment, a gorgeous stone fireplace featuring modern mantel design.

The Design of the Stone Fireplace Mantels

The mantel comes in normal dimension, not too large while also not too small. Overall, the size of the stone fireplace mantels fits well with the spacious floor plan of the living room. As might have been inquired, the fireplace features a complete stone composition, which means in entirety there is no other material that is used to build it. To complement such composition, the chosen paint color of the stone fireplace mantel ideas is grey. This color is also magnificent for its complementing look against the living room interior design.

The stone composition featured by the stone fireplace mantel comes as bricks. These stone bricks are arranged one atop the other building the whole body of the fireplace. The top half design features the naked look of this stone bricks more clearly, while the bottom half is of course where the actual fireplace is located. As for the frame of the fireplace, the stone composition is polished to present smoother appearance that binds the fire within.

The Living Room Surrounding the Stone Fireplace Mantels

Of course the modern fireplace design is not the only significant detail of the living room. As has been mentioned earlier, the interior design and arrangement of the living room segment also plays similarly important role in retouching the display. The living room features interior layout quite typical for modern rooms, with concrete built ceiling and wall covered in wallpaper, and hardwood floor covered in carpet. All of which bear dark color of grey to accentuate the look of the stone fireplace mantels.

Picture Gallery of the Stone Fireplace Mantels for Modern House

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