Stunning Contemporary and Classic Designs in Renovation Method

Renovation of house can be confusing but it is rather quite simple and easy to do. The reason is because designers and architects just change some features and make it match to the big idea of desired theme. But it gets complicated if homeowner wants interior to be renovated but exterior needs to keep remain still. When contemporary and classic are used for interior and exterior respectively, homeowner will get magnificent design applied for this living place.

Interior is mainly dominated with white color theme. Contemporary and classic combination does not look too obvious here as it looks totally in different theme. Let’s see about interior side first, in which white sofas and chairs are placed in living room and dining area. Place several pillows in various sizes on top of those plush sofas. Balance the nuance by rolling out light grey rug on top of those light wooden materials. Hang several contemporary styled pictures in frames.

Still in this interior design, create large sized wardrobe made of refined woods in brown finish. The upper part is made in style and decorated with glass materials. These glasses then connect with other rooms which have partition of glass as well. Meanwhile for bedrooms, choose simple white linen covered for mattress. Provide simple chair in white color as well for extra comfy in this room. Moreover, lighting arrangement in this house is mainly made of star lamps installed on ceiling.

Let’s move to exterior side, in which it has classic design theme. It remains untouched which it has large stones to build the walls in rugged and unfinished style. Decorating contemporary and classic combination in order to connect these both designs is suggested to take form of using wooden materials. Choose different tones and wood types of it, and actually woods are suitable for any designs too.

Picture Gallery of the Stunning Contemporary and Classic Designs in Renovation Method

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