Stunning Glass Walled House for Extra Inspirations

People who have small houses usually feel inferior towards other people, including close friends. But with this glass walled house, they should not feel it anymore and instead feel proud of their own stylish houses. It shows airy feeling because it may seem to any people that it has no border for the translucent and transparent feature glass material gives. Even though some people may think that it has no privacy at all, but actually it is a modern design applied to the whole house.

As mentioned before, glass walled house design is important to make openness sensation and airy feeling so that people do not feel like suffocating. Get rid of those concrete walls and start house renovation to install glass doors, glass windows, and glass walls, in every area. But, it does not mean to use all rooms and change them into glass material. In term of designing new style, this means to apply glass to the parts of house which face the outside scenery and view.

Airy feeling also means more spacious effect. And even more, it can be explained as blending all parts and make it into one flowing area with barely any borders. Choose interesting rooms or parts of house to be installed and changed with glass walls, so that every people who visit the place can look from outside, as well as looking from inside the scenic view.

If people have backyard or garden in the back of house, then installing glass wall in the room which faces the area is good idea. It will be seen as glass window in large size, but actually it is wall. For another option, some people have pools, either for decoration or for swimming, in which it can be installed also the glass wall. This way, enchanting glass walled house design can be done cleverly.

Picture Gallery of the Stunning Glass Walled House for Extra Inspirations

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