Stunning Home Makeover; Chiles Residence

If you look at this house carefully, you may don’t believe that this residence actually went through home makeover to provide new façade and function. This was originally old abandoned structures since 1960s; John and Molly Chiles, who currently own this property wanted to have some nice contemporary residence built on this old structure.

The task was given to Tonic Design + Construction, a famous architecture firm. This old structure then was made as basic thought of new residence function, going through recycling old materials and construction process. Regarding various consideration, recycling process resulted into using original steel frame of structure and wooden panel, thus can be concluded that this process is not a cheap makeover, as new building requires a lot of materials for construction.

By having this steel frame and wooden panel for new construction, the designer thought on using modern architecture concept as basic idea on designing new residential function. This new home makeover design turned out to be an elegant living space just as the owner wanted it.

Both of exterior and interior clearly reflect modern living concept of contemporary design, utilizing old steel frame and wooden panel, adding new materials and construction, they built it anew. You can see the pictures we brought, how this old remaining construction materials magically turned into an artwork of architectural design.

On exterior performance, combination of wood textures and steel frame on white magnificently stands out from its surrounding, as the building is built on nice landscape full of trees. The designer cleverly plays with combination of massive wall to reduce the glare of direct sun, while on other orientation put large opening to provide indoor area with natural lighting utilizing both steel frame and wooden panel with large glass material.

On interior performance, you can’t differ and possibly have no idea that this residence was going through home makeover process, as the interior been designed on contemporary concept of modernism.

You may find various home makeover ideas as interesting as this project, these pictures of this Chiles Residence sure tell you fine story on how an old building can change into nice living by going through creative architectural process.

Picture Gallery of the Stunning Home Makeover; Chiles Residence

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