Stunning Japanese Style Hotel for Oriental Staying

Typical traditional Japanese style hotel was quite interesting by most people of the world. Japanese hotel design does have a distinct personality which can lure many guests to stay in there. As one of oriental architectures, it is also quite popular in some European countries and America. Japanese hotel known for it simple nature and close to nature trait. The initial design was designed so that their homes more resistant to earthquakes.

As we know, quake is very common in this country. In addition, the design of Japanese building architecture also adhered to the philosophy of Zen. Therefore, the efficiency and multifunctional in a hotel room is a must. This is so that the room is more impressed by the simple and quiet aura. This philosophy is adopted in this Japanese hotel design.

There are several things to see before staying in this oriental hotel. The factors are climatic, security and culture. It would be very inconvenient if you stumble upon the wall that made from paper. The paper is very easy to get broke. Some ornaments and accessories from Japan have a very unique shape and form typical of their closeness inspired by nature. Plants are not common to be placed inside the house, but the hotel garden has a very beautiful Japanese style garden.

The ornaments is also suitable for non-Japanese decor, the origin is still in the concept accordingly. The last and most important elements in Japanese hotel room interior is the use of wood material. Wood material is more resistant to earthquake than cement or other solid material. This material also gives the natural style that every guest wants in their hotel room. Typical forms in Japanese hotel design you can see in the pictures from Hoshinoya Karuizawa Hotel. It can inspire you in choosing the perfect Japanese hotel room to stay

Picture Gallery of the Stunning Japanese Style Hotel for Oriental Staying

The Idyllic White Landscape Encircled The Hotel During The Cold SeasonThe Comfy Double Bed Room With Modern Sofa In The Sitting Area Facing The Scenic Landscape In The SurroundingSparkling Hotel Lighting During The Nights Adds The Beauty Of The HotelModern Japanese Style Restaurant With Sky High Glass WindowsElegant Japanese Style Dining Chairs And Table With Comfy CushionsCozy Living Area With Modern Sofa And Lots Of Pillows And Japanese Sitting Area In The VerandaContemporary Hotel Building Overlooking The Water Park And Surrounded By Lush Green WoodlandComfy Modern Japanese Bedding Covered With White Linen On Low Wooden BedCalming Hotel Environment Surrounded By Water Park And Lush Green WoodlandBeautiful Green Garden With Well Groomed Grass And Water Park In The Midst Of Dense TreesVery Japanese Style Sitting Area In The Wooden Veranda Overlooking The Vibrant Colours Of Springs Time

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