Stunning Pool House with Natural Style

This residential place with stunning view is located in Prato, serves as a pool house. Prato is a beautiful place where there are many stunning hill and other landscape, with woodland areas everywhere. And there is more to that, this house located in sloop terrain are located near Bizensio river valley, offering its occupant and guest a picturesque view all over the area.

This house is created by MDU architects, called Fioranti Pool house. The objective of this house is to blend the building with the natural surroundings such as olive groves and farm fields.

The architect decided to build the house that should not disturb the natural scenery. Instead, this house should be just inserted into the scenic landscape and blends with it. The swimming pool is built in the higher floor, with living room for sightseeing in the lower floor. This stunning pool house structure use stone materials for its exterior walling. It also uses flat rooftop with brown color.

For the interior, as you can see in the pictures that this house use wooden flooring. Large windows with metal frame are putted in half of the house side. Color of sofas is white, contrast with the wooden floors, but match with the interior wall color. There is also a small balcony on all side of the upper floor, providing occupants and guest with a splendid sightseeing activity all over the house.

Much house design had difficulties in blending with their surroundings. White minimalist house cannot blend well, while dark colored house are also the same. Some house wants to use bright colors such as green or light blue to blend, but ends up in bad architectural taste. This Fiovaranti Poolhouse use neutral colors such as light brown and brown, matching with soil color which symbolize naturalism. With this stunning pool house design, the splendid view of Prato landscape can be enjoyed in all direction.

Picture Gallery of the Stunning Pool House with Natural Style

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