Stunning Single Floor House for Urban House

Urban house nowadays not only always formed into gradual house, but also single floor house can become a good option too for modern people. There are some models which related with that single floor. It can be large model, or simple model. It depends on large of land too. The facility of single floor also can be made as same as in luxury gradual house. The outside performance will look more simple rather than gradual house, because it only use one big land without make a higher building. The building will lengthwise from one side to other back side. The glass window and door complete those building, especially on the one side of house. The single floor one only need to design a good pathway for people, because it has long and large building without building on top, so people should walk around if want to move from one room to other room.

Single Floor House Form

Actually, the form is related with large of land. Where it depends on how much land from front side until other side. Because it only consists from one floor, people prefer to design it with long building. Single floor house design has characteristic on that matter, where people or owner can design inside of house into any kinds of room. The room itself equal with other room, because it only consist from one floor, so it utilize all of ground floor land. Even there is a higher land on one of side, it only some centimeters, not more than one meter. The outside land also designed becomes a swimming pool too.

The single floor makes people utilize all of side inside of house with putting some properties or furniture. Almost each of room has large enough space. For example like living room which consist from some long sofas which fulfill from one side to other side. The living room itself also can accommodate many people to gather on that place. The other side which seems like living room too, also has so many sofas. The bedroom also contained by large single bed. It also happens inside of kitchen, where some kitchen sets can exist in that place.

Single Floor House Types

The type for this kind of house not always glamour, large, and big, but people can design it into simple type too. If people only have small land, they can utilize all of side on that land become some rooms without build a top floor. They can arrange as well their furniture and property with putting on some sides of wall. Simple single floor house as one of type for urban people, who only have simple land, or didn’t have any sense on glamour model.

Picture Gallery of the Stunning Single Floor House for Urban House

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