Unique Vertical Garden Design from a Tropical House in Singapore

If you love gardening but don’t have much space in your home, you can try to make a vertical garden design. Yes, it is a very simple way to deal with limited space, by stacking your garden into a vertical space. You can make various unique exterior decorations with your vertical garden plan, from a simple accent on your backyard or even an eccentric spot on your facade. For the last one, the Maximum Green House from Singapore can be a good example for it, designed by Formwerkz Architects.

Yes, as we said above, this beautiful modern house can be a good source of vertical garden design ideas in your home. The limited space doesn’t become a problem for the home owner to have fresh and natural scenery in their home. The tropical garden on the side of the home is beautiful enough, but when the owner want for something more, a very simple but beautiful vertical garden on the facade takes the wheel. It is simply attractive; easily visible from the street side and make everyone praises the unique architectural design from this home.

Not only are the exterior, the interior decoration of this modern home also simply appealing. Every room has an access to the green scenery outside, eventually refresh the atmosphere inside. The spacious design of this modern interior allows a better air circulation, which cool down the room temperature and make it much more adequate to dwell. White is the prominent color, decorated with some reddish brown tiles on some spot that easily appealing and captivating.

This amazing house design is simply nice and well developed to answer the problem in tropical area. With the garden all around, the house will be much more comfortable to live even in a hottest season of the year. But still, the biggest praise must be addressed to the unique vertical garden design plans on the facade, which simply make this home much more attractive to see.

Picture Gallery of the Unique Vertical Garden Design from a Tropical House in Singapore

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